Nina Agdal Kate Bock & Ariel Meredith Discuss 3rd Date Standards | SI Swimsuit Unfiltered

Nina Agdal, Kate Bock and Ariel Meredith discuss the third-date rule and their most awkward moment from an SI Swimsuit shoot. Subscribe to SI Swimsuit’s channel:


  1. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit says:
  2. sharpcheddarful says:

    @butterfflyess you’re a disgusting human being for saying those things

  3. butterfflyess says:

    such sluts. not classy at all

  4. Greg Verellen says:

    Three beautiful women :))

  5. butterfflyess says:

    nina is disgusting

  6. James Joa says:
  7. Luxeee says:

    Kate Bock, jesus

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