Model Teacher, Kate Bock | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

SI Swimsuit Model Kate Bock, teaches you everything you need to know about being Canadian. Subscribe to SI Swimsuit’s channel:


  1. Avery Blt says:

    Canada is life.

  2. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit says:
  3. Toby 50 says:

    Okay when she said Justin Bieber I had to stop the video……

  4. JohnnyLop87 says:

    I like the French version of Kate Bock. Please do this in French again.

  5. TuomioK says:

    Samaistuin: Lätkä! Eli… Torille!?

  6. James Joa says:
  7. Robert Clyde says:

    Very educational. And she’s right about maple syrup.

  8. David Lev says:

    Lacrosse was invented by the Iroquois, who live on both sides of the border

  9. farakhhanif says:

    She mentions that Bieber is Canadian as if she is proud of that. If I was
    Canadian, I would be like: “Yeah, he is Canadian, but we are trying to
    remove his citizenship, because we do not want anything to so with him”

  10. asgure says:

    Hockey. Is. Life. … wears a New York Rangers jersey while repping Canada.

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